Equal Pay Debate Worth Another Look

What are we aiming for when it comes to equal wages these days? Sometimes it seems like a moving target.  For example, should two workers doing the same job get the same pay? Or should the person who performs better receive more income, and is …Read More

We’re Living in a Digital World

Madonna, David Bowie, Lady Gaga: Some of the most successful entertainers in show business have been renowned for reinventing themselves. But, when you think about how much our lives have changed over the years, reinvention has become a part of our everyday routines as well.  …Read More

Statistics on Centenarians Don’t Always Make Sense

While it’s true that people, in general, are living longer than ever, unfortunately there’s no guarantee that applies to everyone across the board.  A recent study showed men and women in the lower 25 percent of socioeconomic status have not achieved the same average longevity …Read More

Privacy Issues Make Online Buying a Tough Sell

Going online, in many ways, is like opening up a diary of your life and inviting corporations all over the world to analyze what’s inside it. By looking at your personal information, including interests, purchases and browsing history, companies can engineer ways to sell you …Read More

The Complexity of Convenience

Forty years ago, you couldn’t grocery shop on Sundays. In fact, you couldn’t really do much shopping on Sundays at all.  This tradition was rooted in the religious doctrine that on Sundays, we rest. Some stores still observe the Sabbath, but most indulge the habits …Read More