Taking Stock of Changing Financial Landscape

A recent report says 30-year returns won’t be as high as they were in the 20th century.  According to the McKinsey Global Institute’s stock and bond market research, a 30-year-old today will have to work seven years longer, or nearly double how much money he …Read More

Taking Your Best Shot at House Hunting

It’s that time of year again. Homeowners have been painting, repairing, trimming and planting in an effort to get their properties ready for the spring real estate selling season.  It’s an annual ritual that, according to those in the industry, hasn’t created enough volume in …Read More

Consumption Isn’t Always a Dirty Word

The word consumption can take on a variety of meanings, some good and some bad.  In the old days, consumption was an expression used to describe tuberculosis, presumably because the disease seemed to “consume” the body by drawing away its energy and weight. Today, it’s …Read More

Crisis Management: Focus on What you can Control

How do you choose what to worry about?  In the 24-hour news cycle, we’re hit from all directions with the latest “crisis” the world is facing. Obesity. Sleep deprivation. Student-loan debt. A shortage of biscuits. It’s constant and can be exhausting.  That’s not even taking …Read More