The 60-Year Career

Now that people are living longer, many are also working longer. Just imagine, if you start working regularly at age 20 and don’t retire until age 80, that’s a 60-year career. While it’s not as common today, traditionally, many workers would spend their entire career …Read More

Taxing Questions

At the end of October, the IRS made several announcements regarding taxes in 2017.  Information available for the new year now includes tax rates, standard deductions, exemption amounts and more. While the standard deduction for various filing groups is set to increase by $50 or …Read More

Get in the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Whether you want a little extra income or just want to get out and interact with new people, tapping into your entrepreneurial instincts can fill many needs in retirement. Here are a few examples of fun, money-generating ideas people have come up with recently.  Remember …Read More

Drug Prices: The Power of a Celebrity Tweet

When drug manufacturer Mylan increased the list price of EpiPen last summer, it suffered the wrath of celebrity backlash. Actress Sarah Jessica Parker publicly criticized the company for raising the price of its emergency allergy treatment to $608.1  EpiPen, which has been around for decades, …Read More