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Hindsight Is 20-20

Many people use the expression that hindsight is 20-20, meaning, the ability to better understand a situation after it happens. Let’s zero in on a few financial situations that might need a second look.

Hidden Expenses Lurking In Your Portfolio

When it comes to financial and retirement planning, there are quite a few places where you might find yourself dealing with hidden fees. Isaac will give you a look behind the curtain as to where these fees might be hiding and how you can perhaps avoid them in the first place.

Financial Commandments

Just like you probably have a set of commandments, principles, or values that you live by, there’s also a set of rules that you should follow closely when it comes to your finances. Let’s discuss the four financial commandments that you should keep in mind when you go about planning and investing for your retirement.

Reactions To Market Crashes

Whenever we experience any kind of downward volatility in the stock market, we see people making drastic decisions and changes to their accounts based on emotional reactions. So this week, we’ll take a look into what kind of reactions people make and we’ll discuss some ways to avoid the potential consequences of overreacting.

Retirement Assassins

If you’re not careful, there’s a handful of retirement planning hazards that can easily sneak up on you. Let’s talk about what those risks are and how to properly protect yourself against them.

Planning Your Summer Vacation & Your Retirement

If you’re heading out on a road trip this summer, there’s a long checklist of items that you want to be sure you haven’t forgotten. And in retirement planning, some of those exact same items need to be addressed. Let’s look at some of the items that should appear on both your road trip checklist and your retirement planning checklist.

Lies We Tell Ourselves

Let’s explore some of the financial lies people tell themselves, and some of the consequences that go along with them.

Phasing Into Retirement – Is This The Right Decision For You?

For many people there’s an uneasiness about quitting their job cold turkey and stepping into retirement. But retirement doesn’t mean that you have to stop working, and it certainly doesn’t mean you have to stop being active. So this week, Isaac will give you three important tips on how to prepare for this transition.

Withdrawals From Retirement Account

It can be a new and overwhelming experience transitioning from paychecks to taking money out of your retirement accounts. Let’s go over some of the best withdrawal strategies and rules of thumb.

Where Do You Stand? Part 3

Wrapping things up in our series on the three distinct mindsets of pre-retirees, let’s look at what you should be asking yourself if you’re thinking, “I know I have enough money to retire.”